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Why should the dead animals be treated innocently?

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The harmless treatment of disease animals is related to food safety, public health, ecological environment.
The harmless treatment of disease animals is related to food safety, public health, ecological environment, economic order and sustainable development of animal husbandry. Therefore, it is necessary to use high temperature sterilization biodegradation or carbonization harmless treatment equipment to carry out harmless treatment to the sick and dead animals. The biodegradation of high temperature sterilization is to decompose and ferment the dead animals after high temperature sterilization, and finally form the raw material of high efficient organic fertilizer. To ensure that both the outright kill harmful bacteria, to eliminate the secondary pollution to the environment, and achieved the recycling of waste resources, and regulation, to eliminate the harmful objects the possibility of residues and its by-product back into the food chain, realize the hazardous waste "harmless and recycling" goal, conform to the basic idea of circular economy. Coking processing technology is to make the dead animals under the environment of high temperature and oxygen-free pyrolysis, high-temperature pyrolysis sterilization is heated to a high enough temperature will dead animals, and keep it long enough to kill microorganisms a unit operation. The high temperature changes the protein of microorganisms, and destroys the activity of enzymes in microorganisms and metabolism controlled by enzymes, thus achieving reliable and harmless treatment.